Stage III Prostate Cancer

In Stage III prostate cancer, the cancer has spread beyond the prostate gland. It is now affecting nearby tissues but has not reached the bladder, lymph nodes, rectum, or other organs and structures of the body. Surgery and radiation therapy can be an option for Stage III prostate cancer, depending on the case; however, normally they are less likely to work at this stage.Possible Treatment OptionsRadiation therapy or surgery may not be an option at this stage of the cancer; it depends on the patient and that particular case of cancer for the doctors to decide. They still could be possibilities in some cases. In others, a combination of different treatment options could be prescribed. Below is a list of possible treatment options for Stage III cancer of the prostate.• External radiation therapy (XRT) in combination with Hormone therapy• Hormone therapy by itself• Radical Prostatectomy• Watchful waitingWatchful waiting will normally be used in patients who are 70 years old and older. This type of usually grows at a slow pace, so in older patients many doctors may prefer to use this technique to see what the cancer is going to do and whether treatment is even necessary.Hormone therapy slows the growth of the cancerous tumor. If the growth of the tumor can be slowed to a point that is acceptable, doctors may be comfortable in prescribing this treatment option by itself.Hormone therapy tends to work better when it is used in combination with another treatment option. In Stage III prostate cancer, the recommendation is to perform hormone therapy in combination with external radiation therapy (XRT).Stage III prostate cancer is considered to be treatable but the prognosis is not as good as the earlier stages of prostate cancer. Otherwise known as locally advanced prostate cancer, Stage III prostate cancer, if treated by radiation therapy options and hormone therapy, yields a 70% to 80% chance of a relative 5-year survival rate. In other words, 7 to 8 men out of every 10 have a chance of surviving longer than five years after the diagnosis has been made.In the end, it is up to the patient whether to receive treatment for the cancer. Treatment is highly advisable and no prognosis should discourage the patient in any way. Feel free to ask your doctor any questions about any part of your diagnosis, treatment, side effects, and prognosis, or anything else that you may have a question about. This involves your life and you should know what treatment entails. Remember, new clinical trials are being conducted constantly and eventually there may be better techniques available that can offer better results.

Property Investment Vs Property Management

When the property market had not been in its bad phase before the recession had struck, it was a whirlwind business stream for most of the real estate agents as well as the homeowners. This is because not only was prices on the higher side of a luxurious range, but business was booming. Apart from the domestic investors, foreign entrepreneurs also were taking great interest in the real estate scene in Europe – especially in the commercial hubs around the main towns (including London).However, the whole scene has completely been torn open after the Recession swept through like a back-breaking tornado through the European economy. The real estate scene was in a mess, and the debate that few would have imagined possible came to the forefront – whether one should go for property investment or property management.And all of it came down to the pre-condition of having enrolled and successfully completed a property course online. This is because a lot of luck or your fate as a property investor or property management guru depends on whether you are a qualified real estate visionary or not. And the decisions you take, when based on theoretical knowledge and when based on practical experience of working with real estate agents can draw the line between success and failure.However, coming back to the debate between property investment & property management, more and or people are going in for the latter. Why? Well, here are some reasons to pacify your quest -• As prices of properties dwindle, the possibility of them having a higher resale value than the price ta which they are bought is also fading out. This means that a property investor will have more on his plate to deal with rather than someone who does not buy any more pieces of real estate but instead lets it out or manages it by himself.• Another reason for property management becoming the preferred mode of profession among homeowners and entrepreneurs is the fact that there have been innumerable online property courses available for years now. Chances of enhancing your management skills on real estate is easier (and way more affordable) than dabbling in a hit-or-miss mode of property investment in a volatile and completely shaky market as of the European states.• Finally, with a sluggish start to the economy and the austerity drive still in progress, there is little experimentation you can do with property investment these days, However the room for ways in which you can manage and tackle a real estate asset is huge. And once you have gone through a professional property management course, you will be able to capitalize on these options better.The basics of property investment or property management, although, remains the same – property courses. If you have enrolled in one, you are on the right track. Because with a vulnerable economy and a not so favorable industry to ply your trade in – you would need all the upgraded skills that such property courses provide.After all, the UK real estate scene is the perfect epitome of the proverb, “survival is for the fittest”!

Children’s Party Tips: Scheduling A Party, Booking A Good Entertainer

There are a number of things to consider when booking an entertainer. As with any independent business, there is a variation in the quality from one entertainer to the next. Some are wonderful, some are good and some are perhaps not up to the standard you’d expect.So how do you know which is which?The proof is in the pudding. (yum!)Any children’s entertainer worth his salt will not be the cheapest entertainer on the market. Yes, there are some entertainers who charge £130 for a two hour party and the price might sound fantastic. However, you should ask yourself why he values his show so cheaply?Does anyone recommend them?If you have found an entertainer not by personal recommendation, you should ask the entertainer if he/she has references or testimonials from parents, schools, nurseries etc.Be wary of testimonials on an entertainers website if they appear to have been written by the website owner – I use video testimonials and independent review sites to prove mine are genuine and not written by me. Can your entertainer prove his testimonials are genuine?What is their availability like?A busy children’s entertainer will usually have at least a couple of slots on each weekend day to coincide with traditional eating times i.e. a lunch party (roughly 11am-1pm) or a tea party (roughly 3.30pm-5.30pm). If an entertainer is available for a 1pm-3pm party, it is usually a sign that they aren’t all that busy.So how can I get a really good children’s entertainer cheaper?The best thing about children’s entertainment is that the children can literally have fun anywhere and at any time – as long as the entertainer is good.So how does this benefit you?Well, if your child’s birthday is on a weekday, why wait till the Sunday to celebrate? If you book a party for a Thursday afternoon/early evening, for example, you are much more likely to either get a discount from the entertainer or have some freebies thrown in. In addition, as you won’t be booking at a peak time you will get your exact choice of times.Brilliant!Rental for halls can also be cheaper during the week, and their availability can be more flexible.And lastly…When looking to book any party, it seems that the norm is to book the hall first, and then look to book an entertainer afterwards. However, the hall itself has virtually no bearing whatsoever on the success of your party where, by contrast, getting a decent entertainer is essential to its success. Booking a party with a hall for a set time limits your options when it comes to good entertainment.My advice is to book with a good entertainer before you book your hall. If possible, why not save yourself some money and have the party at home? This also gives you the flexibility of time you may not otherwise have.Many thanks for reading!

RN Nurses Make Up the Largest Group of Health Care Professionals

The largest group of health care professionals…and growingRN Nurses belong to the largest group of health care professionals in the US today. In 2008 there existed 2.6 million nursing jobs in the US. 60 % of this number was employed in hospitals while various smaller health care and health education facilities accounted for the rest. The nursing profession is divided into many specializations, each classified according to the branch of medicine to which they belong and the type of service that is required of the nurse.Types of Nursing CareYou may for instance have RN nurses trained especially to care for the elderly. Within this capacity, a nurse may give primary health care, nursing care, drug administration care and specialty care.Primary health care refers to the advice and services given for initial check-ups and health problems. While this form of health care is usually associated with doctors, RN nurses may also dispose of these functions within their scope of competence.Nursing care refers to overseeing the implementation of the physician’s directives. In this capacity, RN nurses may provide psychiatric care for mentally disturbed people. This category also includes caring for women in their pre-natal stage and after they give birth.RN nurses may also take care of administering drugs to patients in accordance with the prescription of the attending physician.Specialty care denotes the services rendered by nurses within their field of specialization. As such we have nurses who provide geriatric care for old people, cardiac care for people affected with heart ailments, and so on.What are the prospects for RN nurses?Because of the many areas of medical concern that nurses serve and the above-mentioned types of nursing services, the number of possible jobs for a nurse will be the number of fields of Medical Science multiplied by the number of service types. Obviously, the opportunities are ideally inexhaustible, considering that world population is growing in numbers, if not in terms of birth rate.Facts about US populationToday, the batch of people in the US between age of 46 to 65 belong to that special group called “boom babies” who were born between 1947 and 1964, immediately after World War II. This period is characterized by a high birth rate percentage, peaking at 2 % in 1950 and fluctuating down to 1.4 in 1964. Since then the birth rate has dropped to below 1 %.The “boom babies” represent a dramatic rise in the population. It is anticipated that as the people belonging to this batch age, the need for geriatric nursing care will constantly rise. If we were to consider the youngest individuals in the group (aged 45), we would expect the need for geriatric nursing care to up for the next 35 or 40 years. And considering that elderly patients may have other problems besides their old age to contend with, we should anticipate the over-all need for nurses to rise within that period.What about the Recession?The nursing profession has not remained unaffected by the economic crisis in the sense that a great number of lay-offs have been witnessed since 2007. But as a result, the number of RN nurses who are employed in hospitals is far below the population of patients that have to be attended to. Because of this current shortage, hospitals are hiring once more.Besides openings in health care institutions, RN nurses should not have difficulty finding jobs with the private sector. There are millions of people needing health care of one kind or another who would prefer to stay at home. An RN with initiative should never find himself/herself without practice.